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Is Vouch a registered company?

Vouch is a service provided by VouchPay Technologies Pvt Ltd which is a registered entity. Our CIN can be found on the contact us Page

Can I use Credit or Debit card for a Transaction?

Yes, We accept all debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, and UPI.

Why does Vouch charge no or low fee?

At Vouch, we believe in helping people do business better and do more business. We believe people should spend less time worrying about the security of their payments or negotiating the security of their payments and more time creating awesome things. Vouch will provide other services that will add more value to users such as Seller and Buyer ratings, business ratings, and in the future, the creditworthiness of businesses. We believe in keeping fees low to ensure payment protection does not remain a concept that is available only to the elite or for large transactions and instead available for everybody and every transaction.

Is my data safe with Vouch? Is my data sold to anyone else?

Vouch protects your data with industry-standard protection mechanisms. Also, your data is not shared or sold to anyone else. Period. We believe in ensuring the privacy of our users and their data and hence we don’t share any data with anyone. We may use limited data to identify the users to ensure all transactions and payments are free from fraud and misuse.

Is my payment safe with Vouch?

Yes. Your payment and money are safe with Vouch. You can cancel your transaction anytime and ask for a full refund as long as the seller or service provider has not already shipped the goods or begun their work. Even in the case of the seller or service provider having shipped goods or commencing work if the seller agrees to cancel, a refund can be requested and will be issued after deducting a small processing fee that may be charged by the seller and Vouch. Don’t worry. You are allowed to change your mind.

What are your gateway charges?

The 1st 5 Transactions are Free. Beyond that, the following applies:

Rs.5000 per year for unlimited transactions or 5% without the annual membership

How can I track my order?

All Vouch payments for any order come with a timeline. The Timeline gives you an in-depth view of when the seller or provider starts working on your order, shipping, delivery, tracking number, etc. It also gives you pictures of the item being delivered for orders over Rs.2000

What is your return policy?

Vouch encourages each seller and merchant to evolve their return policy to keep their buyers and customers happy. However, since Vouch releases money only after the buyer and seller are satisfied, this reduces the need for a standard return policy greatly.

Is credit card processing secure?

Yes. Vouch does not store any credit or debit card information. Vouch works with the country’s top payment gateways that ensure bank-grade security and safety that follow the latest PCI DSS (Payment Cards Industry Data Security Standards) standards and protocols.

How do you manage fraud?

This is one of the most beneficial uses of Vouch. Most fraudulent sellers or fraudulent buyers depend on the other party not having any control over the money or the product. By the time the product is delivered, the buyer no longer has control over the money or the seller can no longer collect the money. In either case, the genuine seller or buyers suffer. 

If a Freelancer or Seller does not deliver or misrepresents what he or she is providing or selling, they will not be paid. If the Buyer doesn't fund the order, the order will not start.

How can I report fraud?

Every order comes with full support for your order and your transaction including support to report fraud. You can reach us at our support number at +917676401442. WhatsApp communication is the quickest way to get support

Do you support international transactions?

Vouch will soon support international transactions.

Where is my money stored?

Your money is stored in RBI-approved accounts. Vouch is fully required to hold that money on behalf of the buyer and the seller for the particular transaction.

How can Vouch help me to Get More Business?

Generating business and empowering businesses to grow with trust is the mission of Vouch. Every Vouch account automatically comes with a Profile that also serves as an online website and web store. 

You can do the following with this powerful feature:

  1. List your portfolio (for service providers)
  2. Ask for recommendations from your past customers and gather reviews from your customers and buyers - this ensures that your business always stays top of mind and gets more referrals
  3. You get a personal profile which also becomes your website and profile page. You can share the link to this profile and update it on all your internet properties. People can place orders right within the profile that will give you more business
  4. Shortly, all users who have installed Vouch also access businesses and professionals on Vouch right through their phones. That's powerful
  5. Vouch, markets you as part of its Network of Trusted Businesses which will bring more business to you
How long does the payment take to reach the bank account?

Vouch is fast. Funds are transferred to the Seller's account within 15 minutes of Buyer's approval whereas, refunds are initiated within 2-3 working days of the final decision after consent of all transacting parties

How do you work on dispute resolution?

At its core sometimes, disputes are usually a result of communication gaps. Vouch, therefore, urges merchants and customers, and buyers to settle amicably without fear of loss since money is safe without giving advantage to either party.

Disputes usually fall into disputes based on facts or disputes based on emotions. In the event they are unable to resolve between themselves, Vouch allocates a representative who researches each dispute thoroughly and disposes of it based on facts. If a dispute is emotional in nature, then the dispute is escalated to senior management for deeper review and disposal. 

What if the customer does not have the vouch app?

A link is sent to the customer to either download the app or complete the transaction thru their browser on the phone or the web. It’s not mandatory for the buyer to have the Vouch app to start a transaction or accept a transaction. The seller may initiate the transaction and share the details with the customer after which they may use the website to confirm the transaction. While the web app also has the same features as the app, it becomes a bit more convenient if both parties have the app.

Do reviews get updated instantly?

Yes, the reviews get updated instantly.

Is Vouch free for the buyer?

Yes! Vouch is absolutely free for the buyer.

Why should I trust vouch?

Vouch is a fully incorporated Private Limited Company run by competent professionals who have strong financial and accounting and audit backgrounds. Vouch is also approved by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Vouch is also a registered MSME. Vouch works with the Best banks and payment agencies and uses bank-grade security to secure everything. Vouch is also registered with the Startup India Hub.

Operationally, Vouch makes money only when both parties are satisfied. Vouch, therefore, stands to lose if it does not build trust with all its stakeholders. Also, Vouch is an independent third party that is solely founded to empower individuals, businesses, sellers, merchants, buyers, and customers to do business fast with trust. To that extent, the entire success of Vouch rests on the success of everyone. Vouch would not exist without the trust of all stakeholders. As such, Vouch is impartial and has no interest other than seeing businesses and individuals grow with trust. We would not exist if we did not have the best interests of all the parties involved.

How do I get that money in my bank account?

Add your bank account in the ‘My money’ section of the Vouch app and get your money instantly deposited in your bank account.

What if the buyer receives the product and doesn't accept so in the app. How will Vouch solve that?

On providing the proof of delivery, the amount will be released to the sellers account in 3 to 7 days depending on the standing of the seller

Why do I need to build trust with recurring customers?

Trust grows stronger over time. You are at liberty to build it at your pace. With its low annual fee plan, Vouch makes it super cheap to accept payments. Since Vouch is designed to eliminate anxiety for both the seller and the buyer, you can do business with each other in peace. Using Vouch every time only strengthens the trust of even your recurring customers.

Why do I need Vouch when I am well known in the market?

It is impossible to find out when or where your money is at risk. Therefore, it becomes a great way to protect your money even when you’re well known. At times, some of the most well-known businesses are the ones that are taken advantage of.

Will I receive the cash backs immediately?

This depends on promotion to promotion

How can I hide my transactions? As it shows who all are using vouch.

No personally identifiable information is shown with transactions. The transactions are merely shown to demonstrate how users are using the platform

How is Vouch better than RazorPay?

Vouch is much more than just a payment gateway! We provide trust-building, reputation, reviews, and dispute resolution all in one app. In fact, Vouch uses RazorPay as one of its back-end payment gateway providers.