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Our Vision

We are building a $1 Billion Gold Standard organization. Our organization will always be at the cutting edge of innovation and strive to create value for everyone. It will be a leadership and innovation factory that will survive and thrive beyond the founding team and its founding business and its founding era.

 Our foundational values and principles

The impossible

We will always keep aiming for moonshots and accomplishing them

Value first

We create amazing value for everyone – all individuals at all ranks: putting people first – this will be the hallmark in every aspect of our company – Our product design, our partnerships and our HR policies

Leadership factory

We will be a leadership factory where each one of us grows to great heights and also create an environment which attracts incredible people and ideas.

Creative at Work

Employees will get 20% of their time to pursue their own projects – could be ideas within or without the organizational context

Deep and Long

We are committed to thinking deeply and for the long term, in the process building relationships that are happy and enduring

High standards

We will have high standards of innovation, ethics, integrity and value – no grey lines

Best Organization

We aim to always be amongst the 10 best organizations in India and the World to work for

A can do attitude

We will leave no stone unturned in reaching our vision

We work with the best

We are committed to creating an environment where the most talented people come, bring their best and do work aligned with their true north.

Have fun, hustle hard

We prioritize fun & humor at work. Having fun and building great products is a two-way street

User Love

We love our users – all users. We will strive to achieve user delight and put user at the center of everything we do.

Strong Work Ethic

We do what we say and say what we will do and we get the job done.


We will be global and operate across the world. We may be founded in India but are founded for the World