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Buying or Selling properties, renting, and investing in real estate are always full of risks. 

The biggest thing is the safety of your money and your investment.

There are several critical questions while dealing with Real Estate

Buying and selling  and renting in the real estate field is not as easy as we think.

When you are buying or selling

Are the documents or papers in order?

How do I verify the documents?

How do I ensure the transaction will be complete?

How do I collect advance?

Is my advance safe?

What if the other party changes the terms?

Is my advance safe?

What if the other party changes the terms?

Will my money get stuck?

Is filing a legal case the only way to resolve a dispute?

When should we sign? Before or after receiving the DD for the property purchase/sale?

Imagine renting a property.

Renting can be a difficult task. Let's see how.

Problems faced by a Landlord

  • How can I assure the tenant that we are transparent in our terms?
  • How can I assure the tenant that no unauthorized adjustments will be made to the advance payment?
  • How can I ensure that the tenant leaves the property in a good condition?

Problems faced by a

  • What if the Landlord changes the terms?
  • What is the guarantee I will receive my advance back?
  • How do I verify that the Landlord is the property's true owner?

Investment in Fractional Platforms

As properties become more expensive and the cost of living increases, investing in Real Estate also increases. 

For Individuals

  • How can I be assured that money is going to the right account?
  • How do I know that the firm will invest the money in the proposed asset?
  • How will I know that monthly returns will be paid to me on time?
  • How will I know that I will receive the documents upon payment of the money?

For Fractional Investment Firms

  • How do we signal to investors that we are a safe platform to invest in?
  • How do we show that we have consistently made payments of past returns on time?
  • How do we make milestone payments to sellers of the property?
  • How do we make payments to 100s of investors with simplicity?
  • How do we reduce the cost of receiving and making payments?
  • How can we bring automation to receiving and making payments?

Buying, selling of properties and investments simplified.

Vouch makes all of the above easier. By providing a fully automated and ICICI escrow-protected account, Vouch assures the safety of your money till the other party has fulfilled their contractual obligations. 

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